Ferrous Rot-XIII (Sump Hulk)

So it turns out I am terrible at updating the blog. One of my new years resolutions for 2021 is to make sure I change that! The focus for the blog is to document my terrain endeavors as well as ensuring that I can keep track of background material for the many gangs and warbands I plan to create this year!

The Ferrous Rot-XIII (promethium refinery)

The saga of building this board is something that took up most of my limited hobby time in 2020. Despite the pandemic i saw my time largely consumed by work which meant I was often working on the board in small stints. Making the most of that time was key!

In my previous post I talked briefly about the process of building the board and the issues i faced. Whilst at the time I felt happy with how the board construction had gone, following a test game on the board I wasnt happy with it and ended up rebuilding the board for at least the 4th time. Much to the amusement and teasing from my local hobby group!

This time however thanks to the creation of the sump hulk project led by Sol_vince on instagram I had a target to work towards. A clear goal in mind really helped me to focus on the board. A unique setting with some fantastic creators on board I knew exactly where I wanted to go with the project and how close it would be to fitting the theme that was being created! I certainly plan to document further many parts of the sump hulk project!

The main ideas an old inspiration for the board never really changed! The games workshop display board and warhammer world feature board both still served as strong inspiration. A large part of the sump hulk setting was the idea of a sealed dome, beset by rising sump waters. An area doomed to die!

Slave_to_the_wip on Instagram had recently (at the time) been experimenting with rust effect paints. As a huge inspiration for my own terrain building these paint effects proved critical to the painting of the board. As well as the usual liberal use of pigments and enamel washes!

I debated trying to do a step by step guide on the build but the process was so messy and done on the fly! I certainly however plan to document the painting steps this year and will follow that up soon!

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