The Daemon Ink PT2

The Brann Brothers

Inquisitorial acolytes, firebrands and Exorcists. The Brann brothers serve as mindful servants, muscle and most importantly, experience.

The brothers have served within the ranks of the inquisition for many centuries. Ancient science keeping their slowly withering bodies alive. Where their bodies may be failing their minds do not!

They serve their master through their experience in banishment and control of warp entities. They have been bound to the daemon and they have survived.

During the long forgotten days of the demomortis exorcisms they provided a crucial role in cleansing the survivors, hand picking those strong enough to serve their masters goal.

Raised in high imperial ruling families they had worshipped their ancestors. Almost cult like fanaticism ran through all branches of their family and darker practices where not unheard of.

Brother Gotfreid Brann

Gotfried is the elder of the brothers. From a young age he was taught esoteric methods of contacting the supposed dead. Ancestral spirits! His families worshipped these spirits and for many years of his youth his charecter and beliefs where guided through their contact.

Brother Favious Brann

Unlike the spiritual upbringing that his brother received Favious was raised as a warrior. A powerful orator and skilled with a blade it was his role within the family to protect them and their beleifs from the mortal men who would dare challenge their faith. As a man skilled in combat and taught the family beliefs he often times channelled his fury into a physical manifestation of violence

The brothers faith would one day be sorely tested when the inquisition black ships arrived….

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