Dark Terrain

One of the things i really love about the blanchitsu aesthetic is how you get a glimpse into things less often seen! The awesome models and conversions are often at the forfront of peoples minds but it is the terrain that people create i truely love!

There are many great artists out there such as shibboleth02, Neil101.nr and Rapid_Table top of instagram both create amazing peices and full boards that are simply jaw droppingly amazing! There are also artists out there such as Heresyofus and Wilhemminiatures that also sell some amazing terrain peices!

Bone tree and writhing flesh statue

Painting the bone trees was simply a fantastic experience! Created by wilhelmminiatures they where cast amazingly and fit a number of tables really well! Certainly wanting to get more! I highly reccomend checking out his etsy store!

The writhing flesh statues by Heresyofus are again another amazing peice of terrain that i love! I’m upto 5 of these now! Again amazing sculpts and casts that where great fun to paint and mess around with! With his mag bellum project on patreon i am highly tempted to upgrade my printer and take full advantage of whats on offer! Fully reccomend checking out!

Both wilhelmminiatures and heresyofus are well worth checking out!

Does anyone else know of any great terrain makers? Please do let me know!

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