The Daemon Ink PT1

The Demortis Exorcism

The silence bar the whine of my servos and controlled breathe. This I remember.
The events that occurred centuries ago feel like a long faded memory, the silence however, this I will never forget. The silence as they came will forever haunt me!

M36 I was ready to serve. No, we where ready to serve. A chapter full of promise and a chapter full of fury ready to unleash upon the galaxy. Our righteous duty to cleanse the impure, to defend the realm of humanity. To be the emperors will. The silence took all of that away!

We where supposed to be a bastion, unshakable! We where a weapon. Pure of heart and forged from steel. We should not have broken! The silence tested us and we where not prepared. We where not prepared.

The drop was simple enough! Resistance was light. What hope would a mere mortal have against one of the emperors angels, one of his avenging sons. I remember the roar of my weapon slaying the enemies of mankind, the screams of the wounded as my squad, without mercy landed blows on the fools that closed in from our flank but what followed. The silence….

They said that one of us was equal to one hundred of them! How could we fail? A simple uprising they said! Mortal men who decided to follow the temptations of some unknown xenos? We where trained for this! No creature alive in this universe could stop us!

I remember when I first saw them, creatures human in form, the body almost hunched over and the skull visage that it bore. I remember how they came from the walls, how they seemed to kill us. Not with touch, not with a scream. Not a sound! The silence… it was almost like the projected it. They where…. unnatural.

I remember watching my brothers fall to their knees, hands clasped against their heads. Brothers trying to remove their helmets, blood pouring from their eyes. I remember my faith wavering. I remember my resolve being broken! I still remember the silence. I fear sometimes all I hear these days sometimes is the silence!

What hope did we have against these creatures. Our bolters seemingly had no effect, blows we tried to land against these creatures merely passed through, what unnatural force was this. This was no xenos. This was something else…

I remember a tactical retreat. I remember the vox reports peircing through the silence. Hundreds of my brothers had fallen in mere hours. This enemy was…. it was…. everywhere!

I remember thinking what use was a retreat. Where could we retreat too! I remember I dropped my weapons. I remember sinking to my knees. The ceramite sraping against the metal plating. I remember seeing them approach! I closed my eyes and I let the silence envelop me!


The silence.

The silence did not kill me,

The silence showed me potential, the silence showed me hope and a chance.

I gave into the silence

I gave myself to the silence….


I remember the mortal approaching, the glint of his armour piercing the darkness.

I remember the symbols he carried, the symbols burning my soul. Hatred enveloped me.

I remember reaching for my discarded weapon, the mortal denied me.

A hammer blow forcing me back.

No mere mortal could defeat me, not now I possessed the power of the silence.

I remember the hammer blows

Armour cracking and bending.

Blow after blow until I could no longer defend myself.

I remember his words, peircing through the silence

“He is the only survivor,

he has succumbed…

banish the fiend, this one will serve me

This one will once again serve the emperor”

Light, fire and a burning pain,

Never had I felt such pain

The burning

yet through it all the silence remained.

I remember the mortal man watching over me,

Chanting as he carried out his work

I remember the silence, not his words.

The words he spoke burned my body

After the light I remember darkness

When I awoke

I remember his face,
I could hear the words he spoke…

“Astartes, you have been reborn….

You alone survived the trial….

Now you serve the ordos malleus

You are a weapon of the emperors will…”

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