A humble start…

2020 feels like a very apt year to to truely begin delving into the hobby world of INQ28, with everything that is going on within the world at the moment sometimes an escape from reality is needed!
Instagram has been somewhat of a revelation when it came to exploring my own ideas, the sheer amount of inspiration that is at your finger tips is staggering! Another great source of inspiration are the blogs that still seem to be highly popular (thusly the source of my own outlet!)

The team at Iron Sleet and their Primogenitor Invitational was the true catalyst that has sparked my creative juices this year! Their previous work is simply amazing and to be able to delve into this world was a chance I didnt want to miss out on!

The crew of the DVSV Goliath often conducted salvage missions within the outer confines of the Sol System, the emergance of the Primogenitor hulk presented itself as an oppotunity for a quick payday!
No need to enter the hulk, the crew knew that many dangers would lurk beneath the surface. Hidden corridoors, forgotten caverns. Ships, rock and other scrap melded by the power of the warp. The things inside the hulk where limitless and the crew had no intention of seeking to face what could be within.

It was supposed to be an easy score… Land on the surface, recover what they could and leave. Sure it sounded easy but fate soon conspired against the crew. It seemed that the gods had other ideas for the crew as shortly after the initiation of their mission disaster struck!

The gravitational forces that the Primogenitor was exerting caused debris following the hulk to swirl and often impact the surface. The shuttle used by the Goliath crew was soon destroyed! With limited oxygen supplies and no shelter, the crew soon where forced to enter the hulk itself.
The next time the crew where seen from they where not the same crew that had entered!

Creating this warband was incredibly satisfying and a great creative exercise!
Being featured on the Iron Sleet blog was most humbling and I fully reccomend that you go check out the blog and every one else who has taken part in the world building for the Primogenitor!


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