Refinery Ferrograd IV

The process of creating this board so far has been one that has comprised of mistakes, accidents and sparks of insanity. Inspired by the Warhammer world display boards “Mining Facility 42” and “Ferro-Giant Alphus” I knew I wanted to create a gaming board that combined the aesthetics that these boards had whilst also being playable. … Continue reading Refinery Ferrograd IV

The Daemon Ink PT2

The Brann Brothers Inquisitorial acolytes, firebrands and Exorcists. The Brann brothers serve as mindful servants, muscle and most importantly, experience. The brothers have served within the ranks of the inquisition for many centuries. Ancient science keeping their slowly withering bodies alive. Where their bodies may be failing their minds do not! They serve their master … Continue reading The Daemon Ink PT2

Dark Terrain

One of the things i really love about the blanchitsu aesthetic is how you get a glimpse into things less often seen! The awesome models and conversions are often at the forfront of peoples minds but it is the terrain that people create i truely love! There are many great artists out there such as … Continue reading Dark Terrain

The Daemon Ink PT1

The Demortis Exorcism The silence bar the whine of my servos and controlled breathe. This I remember.The events that occurred centuries ago feel like a long faded memory, the silence however, this I will never forget. The silence as they came will forever haunt me! M36 I was ready to serve. No, we where ready … Continue reading The Daemon Ink PT1

A humble start…

2020 feels like a very apt year to to truely begin delving into the hobby world of INQ28, with everything that is going on within the world at the moment sometimes an escape from reality is needed! Instagram has been somewhat of a revelation when it came to exploring my own ideas, the sheer amount … Continue reading A humble start…

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